The Solar Stewardship Initiative’s ambition is to enhance transparency and create supply chain integrity by continuously improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, and contributing to sustainable development along the solar value chain.

The first step has been to define the standards that our industry should hold itself to i.e. the SSI draft assurance protocol and the pre-consultation code of conduct. The SSI builds on Solar Power Europe’s Solar Sustainability Best Practices Benchmark (May 2021) and provides a strong foundation for continuing to drive ESG performance.

This is only the beginning of our journey.

To enhance transparency and sustainability in our supply chains our next step is to establish mechanisms for increasing traceability of products, components and raw materials. This will be achieved by gradually building on traceability systems already used by the industry which will be assessed during the pilot phase.

In the process we have sought to take into account the views of policy makers, financial institutions, human rights experts, environmental and human rights NGOs, and we are committed to continuing this engagement as we further develop this Initiative.

The SSI is also supported by more than 60 solar companies representing the entire value chain and a significant share of the European (including UK) solar market. View the full list of our supporters.

A Globally Recognised Standard

It is our ambition to take the ESG principles, criteria and requirements forward, and establish the Solar Stewardship Initiative as a globally recognised standard.

This longer-term ambition will require further stakeholder consultation, additional resources, and the creation of an independent and impartial secretariat to manage the scheme.

Assurance System


The Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) is in the process of developing an assurance system to help ensure responsible production at every phase of the solar value chain.

The SSI is committed to launch the SSI Assurance System by Q3 2023 and will verify participating companies’ conformance against the SSI Code. Under the SSI Assurance System, site-level assessments will be carried out by independent and professionally qualified third-party assessors.


Conformance with the SSI Code

Conformance of sites with the SSI Code will also be independently verified by approved third-party assessors.

The assessor approval process is currently in the process of being finalised.

Grievance Mechanism

The SSI is in the process of finalising a grievance mechanism, which will launch in Q1 2023.

The grievance mechanism will be open to all stakeholders wishing to raise complaints and make suggestions for the strengthening of our systems.

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